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Jane and Devin Colt are on a galactic quest to not only save themselves, but their future.   They travel throughout the galaxy to prove Devin’s innocence and to find Adam, Jane’s best friend.  Devin doesn’t have a clean past and that comes back to haunt him, making him prime suspect.  Jane and Devin both know he is innocent.  The No Name network is hard at work turning all the information on the Colt’s against them in every possible way that they can.  But with their friends, they manage to escape capture more times than not!  The action in this book is non-stop.  You think you are getting a breather and then BOOM right on you go!  Beware not everyone is as they seem.  Can Adam be saved?  Can Devin prove his innocence?

This is a fast pace space opera thriller!  Hang on for a rough ride that will have your emotions all over the place.  Jane and Devin also find themselves in this book.  They come out stronger and understand who they are.  I will admit I didn’t like Jane at first, she was a little childish, because she hadn’t accepted who she was at that point.  She was acting like she figured sister’s act.