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Seek - Book Review

Seek by Clarissa Wild is the first novella in the series and is currently FREE on Amazon
4 Stars
Wow! What a rush of a ride. I'm still not sure if she is crazy or it's just me. I think its' me! The mystery just kept going, leading me deeper and deeper into the dark without any real guidance. I did like it, because it intrigued me, but I felt like I was missing something, there was something happening without me knowing about it. I'm not sure what. That is the true mystery that keeps you hanging on.

What happened on their vacation that caused this delirium? And is it really delirium? And Sebastian is he there or is he a dream? And if that is a dream I don't want to wake up!
* Author's note: This story will unfold over the span of multiple Volumes. Not all secrets will be spilled yet in this prequel. Don't let this stop you from reading, though, because this series will be one heck of a ride. So open your mind and let me take you on a journey of delirious passion, unbendable trust, frightening illusions, dangerous secrets, shocking revelations, and disturbingly dark mind games. * 

When illusions come to life, how do you tell what’s real?

My life ended when I came back from vacation. Death was at my doorstep. Everything ceased to exist. To protect myself, I pushed the memories away.
All I remember is him: Sebastian Brand, my savior.
I trust only him.
I am obsessed with him.
But all I know about him is his name.
Stuck in this mental institution, I try not to think about the terrible memories that lurk deep inside me. Sebastian is the only one who can help me forget. I don’t care that they say he doesn't exist, I need Sebastian and I will find him, no matter the cost.

This is a prequel to the Delirious Series. These books should be read in order.

WARNING: This series contains very disturbing situations, strong language, drugs and alcohol, and graphic violence.